Janis Klaise

Data Scientist

Hi, I’m Janis!

I am a London based Data Scientist. I’m interested in understand algorithms, modelling approaches and programming principles from the ground up which I sometimes share on this blog.


  • I work at Seldon in London. I focus on designing algorithms and developing software to enable monitoring of production machine learning systems.
  • I develop and maintain a machine learning explanation library Alibi and a monitoring library (drift, outliers, adversarial detection) Alibi-Detect.
  • I’ve co-authored some machine learning papers, particularly in the explainable ML field, but not restricted to it.


  • I did a PhD in Mathematics and Complexity Science at the University of Warwick, supervised by Samuel Johnson. My thesis is on Network Science—understanding and modelling complex interconnected systems.
  • I’ve mentored startups about productionising their machine learning in the Google Cloud ML kickstarter.
  • I’ve participated in several Alan Turing Institute Data Study Groups and European Study Groups with Industry.
  • I’ve taught Maths & Stats and computing to undergraduate students in Mathematics and Business students at the University of Warwick.